Massage FAQ

Are you a new client? A new client session includes a new client assessment followed by a bodywork treatment session. Please book a new client assessment session.

Would you like a full body massage?  Invest in a 90 minute session to allow enough time and attention to address the full body including often overlooked areas like hands, feet head and face.

Do you have neck or low back pain? Choose 90 minutes of cranial sacral therapy or 90 minutes of integrative massage therapy.

Do you have muscle tension, an injury or specific body concerns? Book 60, 90 or 120 minutes of integrative massage depending on your condition. Please consult with me directly if you need assistance determining what session is right for you.

Are you feeling stressed? Consider an relaxation massage with the addition of DoTerra Balance Blend essential oils.

Are you feeling the winter blues? Choose 60 or 90 minutes of hot stone therapy. Choose a 60 minutes for treatment to a specific body area and 90 minutes for a full body massage.