I specialize in what I call “integrative” massage, a unique blend of my bodywork training which  may include therapeutic massage, fascial release techniques, cranial sacral therapy, and Reiki energy healing. Each massage session is customized to your unique needs in the present moment. In addition to integrative massage, I offer energy healing, cranial sacral sessions, hot stone and relaxation massage. I offer the use of DoTerra essential oils in my practice. Essential oils promote healing and inner balance.

I encourage an atmosphere of sacred space, you are invited to let go of your day and give yourself the gift being present in the moment with yourself in your body. Massage therapy is done using sheets for draping. You will be fully draped for your massage and only the area of the body being treated is un-draped. Massage lotion and essential oils may used during treatment, please advise me if you have any allergies.

Benefits of massage therapy

  1. The benefits of the massage to the physical body are numerous. Massage improves the overall functioning of all body systems including the nervous system, circulatory system, lymphatic system and encourages  balance within the hormonal system.  Restriction within the fascial system and soft tissue may contribute to pain, inflammation and limited range of motion and lack of overall well-being. Massage helps restore correct function and balance and encourages the body to biologically correct itself
  2. Reduction of  physical stress and tension held in the body assist in bringing a greater  sense of peace and calm to the mind. Mental and emotional tensions are often held and stored in the physical body without our awareness. Massage stimulates the production of endorphins and the hormone oxytocin to enhance the sense of well-being. Massage brings us into the present and into our body. In busy western society bodywork is an opportunity for us to connect within.