Online appointment booking tips

Here is some information you may find helpful when booking an appointment online.

  1. Each available block on the calendar represents a 15 minute unit of time. To book a service, each service session requires the correct units of time plus an additional unit of time for me as the service provider. For example,  if you are booking a 60 minute massage, that appointment requires five available blocks which is equivalent to  75 minutes. If you see a spot that has four blocks available and you are trying to book it for a massage, it will not allow you to do so because the system requires five available blocks, not four.
  2. Online booking is available for you to schedule your sessions at your convenience. As online booking often creates inefficiency in the schedule, please know that I may need to tweak the schedule including your appointment times on occasion to maximize the efficiency of  the schedule.
  3. Please make use of the waiting list, I do check it daily and will  accommodate your needs as my schedule allows.
  4. Please do not use one account for booking multiple people. The online booking calendar allows an individual account to be created with more that one email.

    If you require more assistance booking a session, please contact me. I’m happy to help!

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